Room in roof insulation

Room in roof insulation

A ‘Room in the Roof’ is typically a room located in the attic on a house or bungalow which may have a dormer window. The room will have a fixed staircase, light source, window and can sometimes be classed as an extra bedroom or bedrooms. The method we offer for most homes involves securing specialist insulation board to the external walls, slopes, and ceilings of your room in roof.

Your loft and/or residual areas will be insulated with mineral wool and access panels installed if required.
When the insulation has been completed, we will skim the insulated areas ready for you to re-decorate; the whole install process only lasts a few days with minimal disruption.

Benefits of Room in roof insulation:

It Keeps Converted Lofts Warm And Cosy, Making Them More Comfortable.
Prevents Heat Escaping Through Your Roof To Help Maintain Throughout Your Home.
Reduces Your Energy Bills As You Need To Spend Less As Your Home Will Stay Warm For Longer.
Increases The Value And Desirability Of Your Home.

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