Under floor insulation

Floor insulation brings a lot of comfort and leads to energy savings. The temperature of a non-insulated floor lies around 11°C. By insulating the floor, you can increase the average temperature to 20°C. There are different types of floor insulation, ranging from underfloor heating to insulation boards, spray and screed. The type of insulation differs […]

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Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are appliances that use a refrigerant process to absorb heat from the outside air and then transfer that heat into a building’s water and heating system. It’s a device that can be used in both cold and warm climates to heat or cool buildings, making it a versatile option for

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Internal wall insulation

Internal insulation is essentially insulation which is applied to the inner face of external walls in a building. It’s usually bonded or screwed to the walls and usually extends from the very bottom of the ground floor all the way up to the eaves level and then carries on and meets up with the roof insulation. 

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