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At Active Eco, we empower businesses to embrace a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. As a leading provider of commercial solar solutions, we are dedicated to helping your business thrive while reducing its environmental footprint. Harness the power of the sun and make the switch to solar energy with Active Eco today.

Why choose Active ECO?

Sustainable Solutions:

We believe in a greener tomorrow. Our commercial solar solutions are designed to make a positive impact on your business and the planet.

Customised Solar Systems:

Every business is unique. We work closely with you to design and install a solar panel system tailored to your specific energy needs and budget.

Energy Cost Savings:

Say goodbye to soaring energy bills. With Active Eco’s solar solutions, you’ll enjoy significant long-term savings while reducing operational expenses.

Financial Benefits:

Explore tax incentives, rebates, and financing options that make adopting solar technology a smart financial decision for your business.

Reliability & Quality:

We source and install premium solar panels and equipment, ensuring the durability and performance of your solar system for years to come.

Expert Support:

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing ongoing support, from system installation to maintenance and beyond.

Our solutions:

Solar Panel Systems

Discover our range of high-efficiency solar panel systems, designed to meet the energy needs of businesses of all sizes.

Battery Storage

Enhance energy independence and ensure uninterrupted power with our battery storage solutions.

Energy Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into your energy consumption and production with our advanced monitoring tools.


What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it

“Amazing from start to finish. Great price, great install, great solution! The design stage was simple. JP listed to me and designed a system that was best for my roof and needs. The install was great. Asif worked diligently and was so neat and tidy. The roofers, James and Mark, were also amazing with nothing too much trouble (they even cleared my elderly neighbours gutter whilst up on the scaffold).
All in all I would thoroughly recommend these guys.”

Mark Addis

“I’ve been really impressed with Active Eco. They installed solar panels with a battery for us. Their communication has been great, and the best part is that they did everything they promised. The team is really knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I would definitely recommend them to others.”

Pam Batta

“We have had our solar panel and battery storage system for around 3 months, the system is working really well. We can see exactly how much electricity is being generated, how much we are using in our house, how much is being stored in the battery and how much is being sold to our electricity company. Active Eco are very professional, friendly, reliable and really well priced, they were the cheapest offer we had after shopping around for the best price.”

Nina Cardoza

Affordable & High Quality Commercial Solar Systems

Active Eco is a fully accredited + trusted Solar Company with experience in both commercial and residential Solar Installs.
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