Internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation

Internal insulation is essentially insulation which is applied to the inner face of external walls in a building. It’s usually bonded or screwed to the walls and usually extends from the very bottom of the ground floor all the way up to the eaves level and then carries on and meets up with the roof insulation. 

It’s there to provide a full internal skin of insulation to keep the interior of the building warm. Internal wall insulation offers a number of benefits. It controls noise, improves energy efficiency, provides fire protection, and reduces the risk of moisture problems.

Benefits of Internal wall insulation:

Absorbing Sound. Internal wall insulation is really effective in absorbing the sounds within the walls or ceiling.
Protecting Health. It has been seen that noise is one of the contributing factors for anxiety, depression, sleep.
Keep your home warmer during colder months.
Energy Saving. With the help of internal wall insulation, you will be able to create climate zones within a building.

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