Loft insulation

Loft insulation

Loft insulation is a process that adds insulating material to your loft or roof. These materials can be spray foams, mineral wools, foils or foam boards.

It helps to reduce heat loss by trapping air and preventing the transfer of temperature. As heat rises, loft insulation is an effective solution as it can keep this heat within your home.

Benefits of Loft insulation:

Prevent Heat Loss. As Mentioned, Around 25% Of Your Home’s Heat Is Lost Through The Roof.
Save Money On Energy Bills. Loft Insulation Could Save You An Average Of £150 On Your Energy Bills Every Year.
Noise Reduction. Insulation Can Also Help To Reduce Noise Pollution So You Can Enjoy A Quieter, More Peaceful Home.
Better For The Environment. Many Of Us Are Becoming More Aware Of Our Carbon Footprint And Taking Conscious Steps To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint.

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