Under floor insulation

Under floor insulation

Floor insulation brings a lot of comfort and leads to energy savings. The temperature of a non-insulated floor lies around 11°C. By insulating the floor, you can increase the average temperature to 20°C.

There are different types of floor insulation, ranging from underfloor heating to insulation boards, spray and screed. The type of insulation differs for each property and type of existing flooring. Our expert installation team which advice you on the most appropriate and energy saving choice.

Benefits of Under floor insulation:

Thermal Efficiency – Introducing Underfloor Insulation Into Your Property Means That Your Home Or Office Is Going To Be More Thermally Efficient.
Reduction In Use Of Artificial Air – When Your Property Is More Self-Sufficient In Maintaining Comfortable Temperatures, You Cease To Run Heaters And Coolers As Much.
Smaller Energy Bills – Once You Make Less Use Of Your Energy Units, Like Heaters And Air Conditioning, You Will Naturally Receive Smaller Bills From Your Gas And Electricity Companies.
Contribute To A Better Planet – By Using Less Gas And Electricity, You Help Preserve Our Planet’s Natural Resources.

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